Resolving Slow Archive Extraction Times with Chocolatey

The Problem Over the weekend I kept getting chocolately timeout errors when I was trying to upgrade my golang installation to the latest release (1.9.2). This was puzzling because, as the error message describes, Chocolatey’s default timeout period is 2700 seconds (45 minutes) long. It seems Chocolatey was attempting to extract the golang archive but got stuck trying to do so. I’m running an SSD on my desktop at home so it should have been able to make short work of that extraction.

Using Secrets in Kubernetes

In my previous blog post I detailed how to setup Ghost and MySQL using Google Cloud Container Engine (GKE) and Kubernetes. While the set up works great the database credentials were hard-coded and completely visible to anyone that has access to the repository. Ideally you would not want these credentials stored as clear text in your source control (especially production credentials). To help facilitate this, Kubernetes has the concept of a Secret.

Hosting Ghost Using Container Engine

This is the first post in a series that will document how I got my Ghost blog up and running using Google Cloud Container Engine (GKE). By the end of this, you will have a basic (but useable) blog set up that is publicly accessible. This post is going to follow along pretty closely with Google’s tutorial for hosting a Wordpress blog using GKE. I deviate from the Wordpress tutorial in a few key areas:

Let The Blogging Begin

Hello! Welcome to my blog. I know I am fairly late to the blogging scene, but better late than never. My hope for this blog is to document my adventures in technology. My first series of posts will document how I setup this blog to run in Google Cloud’s Container Engine, using Kubernetes, Docker, Ghost, MySQL, and NGINX. Stay tuned!